Baby Massage

We know that touch is the first sense that a baby develops. Our baby massage classes offer parents a safe space to enhance their bonding and attachment with their baby through a nurturing touch.

Course Highlights:

Baby massage helps your baby to relax; this promotes better sleep and helps to soothe and calm your baby. The repetition of specific strokes and massage techniques fundamentally supports your child’s brain development. Baby massage helps to join vital neuro pathways which form your baby’s nervous system and this assists in the development of an array of things including their digestive system, brain function, blood flow and ridding the body of toxins. We equip parents with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to apply a range of massage techniques and strokes whilst also providing an opportunity to meet other parents and create a supportive network
What massage oil do you use?
We provide a bottle of organic natural vegetable-based oil to be used during the sessions. Additional bottles are available to purchase in store. A patch test is completed at the beginning of your first session.
We ask that you bring a towel from home for your baby to use during the session. This is recommended as it provides your child with comfort due to it having your familiar scent.
You are welcome to bring your own oil if there is one that you prefer or is more suited to your baby’s skin.
We have to limit sessions to one adult to one baby. To ensure sessions are not disturbed, we do not allow other children to attend.
Yes, we would love to welcome you to our classes. We have special offers available for twins and multiples, please call us before booking to discuss pricing and how the session would work.
If you have any questions not listed here, please visit our Contact page.

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