Baby Confidence

Welcome to the Baby Confidence Course, where your journey into parenthood is supported every step of the way. This comprehensive program is designed for new and expecting parents who seek to build confidence, acquire essential skills, and embrace the joys and challenges of caring for a newborn.

Course Highlights:

This is a four-week course suitable for expectant mothers. Our Baby Confidence classes give you a relaxed and informal introduction to the importance of skin to skin and how this can be built upon through baby massage. We will learn relaxation and breathing techniques to support you during your pregnancy and beyond. We offer a safe and relaxing environment where we hold informative discussions about baby development and parenting.
How many people can attend?
Our sessions provide a safe space for pregnant mothers to attend alone. We do offer an opportunity on the third session for an additional adult to attend with you.
You do not need to bring anything with you, everything you need will be provided.
This course is suitable for expectant mothers at all stages during their pregnancy.
This course is not designed to take the place of medically trained professionals, please contact your midwife for any medical questions.
If you have any questions not listed here, please visit our Contact page.

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